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  • Review of adrienne maree brown's Grievers

    A few nights ago, just before I pulled my quilts over my weary body and settled in, I finished up Grievers, a recently published novella by adrienne maree brown.
  • Master

    Perhaps a spoiler alert: the film is about a black woman, Gail Bishop, who is installed as headmaster of a university student house while a young black woman, Jasmine Moore, is matriculating. The only other black person that we see in a position of relative authority at the university is a black female literature professor, Liv Beckman.
  • I Broke Up with Netflix/ Don't Look Up

    Before I canceled though, there was one film I wanted to see: Don’t Look Up. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence as well as a bunch of other great actors, including Rob Morgan, with cameos by Kid Cudi and Ariana Grande.
  • On the Road Again! Mahogany Bookstore and Drifting

    And while I love my kindle, especially for travel and late night reading on my balcony, there is still something to be said for the smell and feel of paper in one’s hand, the turning of pages with anticipation, the ability to underline with pen, and to dog-ear pages. 
  • We Demand Our Share of Life: Exploring Haiti's Cinematic Truths

    This past Saturday Haiti suffered yet another blow to what I consider its ongoing revolutionary war. For independence. For true and lasting freedom. 

  • Review of Tina Turner's Happiness Becomes You (2020)

    When I was sixteen years old I began going to live music concerts. The three I remember are The Police, General Public, and Tina Turner.  Each of t...
  • Remembering Derek Walcott

    A sharing of beauty and inspiration from Derek Walcott.
  • Now What?: Beyond Juneteenth

    I am grateful for the federal government’s recognition of Juneteenth. But I am also aware that making holidays does not change the quotidian experience of people. History has taught us this time and again. 
  • Review of Angie Cruz's Dominicana (2019)

    A book that I was recently turned on to vis-a-vis One Book, One Bronx and more specifically, Ron Kavanaugh who runs the book club, was Dominicana (2019) by Angie Cruz. The novel is an absolute masterpiece, told from the perspective of a 15-year-old girl named Ana who is married off to a man more than twice her age.